Prevention has always been fundamental in our approach at The Coach House. It continues to be the foundation and corner stone for all of our treatment, whether cosmetic or curative. This encompasses the prevention and treatment of Periodontal disease (gum disease).

Treatment is developed in stages:

Examination and diagnosis is followed by provision of advice and education so that the patient can understand the disease, the better to successfully treat it.

The treatment approach is explained and then proceeds with on-going reassessment at suitable intervals to check progress.

The enhancements of Aesthetic or Cosmetic dentistry include Bleaching to lighten, whiten and brighten the smile, Orthodontics to improve or correct irregular tooth position, as well as our White Composite restorative materials for a
more natural appearance. Indeed, we have not used silver amalgam for dental fillings for over ten years.

CEREC ceramic restorations are our Premium white restorations, in the form of crowns, veneers, and inlays.

White Composite filling material provides excellent results in restoring teeth to natural and pleasing appearance. Porcelain has long been our best option for long lasting and attractive appearance in dentistry and continues to be a top class choice, especially when artistically crafted by fine Dental porcelain Technicians to produce excellent life-like Veneers.

Additional to this we offer computer designed and fabricated CEREC ceramic restorations (CAD CAM) which probably surpass in strength and precision our other white restoration alternatives. The CEREC Crowns and Veneers exhibit
practically zero wear over years of function and they are almost Teflon-like in resisting the build up of dental plaque, thereby providing a durable and low maintenance restoration.

Orthodontic improvements to irregular teeth can be carried out for all ages, it is never too late. Many adults enjoy the benefits of correcting those imperfections which they thought they had "missed the boat" with in their schooldays.

Removable braces, Fixed wires, using clear ceramic brackets ('train tracks'), invisible aligner appliances, and also, particularly suited to the adult cases, the 'Inman Aligner', used only for the front teeth, can be provided, as required, to effect the desired improvements, sometimes in only three to four months.

Crowns, Porcelain Veneers, and Bridges are all valuable techniques for more advanced restoration needs, particularly when provided with full respect for 'Minimal Intervention" principles. These principles, essentially, centre on the understanding that teeth survive best when least interfered with, good news for all, surely!

Whilst missing teeth can often be replaced by a Fixed Bridge, many prefer the option of replacement by a BICON TITANIUM IMPLANT where suitable.

It is strongly advised to have a Cone Beam X-ray Scan of the dental area before having an implant placed in order to better assess the suitability.